Today we’ve reached over 500 followers! Thus, we decided that this is an excellent occasion to hold our first give away!
To take part simply reblog this post and you’ll get a chance to win a set of goodies straight from Denmark’s animation heart!

The rules are nice and simple:
only reblogs count (spread the love!), however no giveaway blogs are allowed!
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At 7pm (GMT +2:00) on September 25th we will choose 5 winners using random number generator and contact them immediately after drawing the lucky people – remember to have your inbox open!

If a person won’t reply within 72 hours another winner will be chosen.  
The goodie set contains – TAW DVDs, collection of the student’s latest magazines, stress ball, postcards and buttons – everything to have you covered as a true animation lover!

Good luck!


Here is the 2nd category movie from this years Nordic Game Awards; Best Nordic Innovation!
made by 2nd Studio.

2nd Studio made this years category movies for Nordic Game Awards. We will upload all of them throughout the next couple of weeks, so you may enjoy them. They were made in a spontaneous and funny fashion with homages to earlier award nominees. 

Here is the first one: Nordic Indie Sensation Award.

imgur: the simple image sharer

A new screenie from JatD. This time in motion.

Based on that vita post, is Jason and the Dead officially coming to vita? Or are you guys just testing the hardware?

Our plan is to make Jazon and the Dead for PS4 and PS Vita (and pc/mac), but nothing is settled yet. For now we are just testing to see how it runs and feels on the console.

Kasper, the programmer, is behind these amazing pictures. Yesterday he ported Jazon And The Dead to PS Vita, and it runs !

Zombie Art.

Art by Nikki Starostka


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im so masochistic its terrible i cried while drawing this omg

based off this prompt that was sent to me by zackdoesart

But what if



It hurt. And then I reread it, and realized it was from the dog’s point of view. And now it hurts even more.

Awesome comic about a zombie boy and hos dog.

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Dance into the fiiiireeee! Nikki Co-Creator, art director at 2nd studio!